First Programming Live Stream

September 25, 2021

Did my first programming live stream today. A couple people joined me in Google Meet, and a few people followed along on Twitch.

Unfortunately I didn’t capture audio correctly in OBS, so the people in Twitch could only hear me talking… I did have this setup working before, I’ll make sure to get it working better for next time. Also, I didn’t realized that you need to enable saving streams BEFORE you start streaming, so this stream is lost forever, but that’s okay, it’s a nice memory for those of us that were there.

We looked at the Hugo “post by email” code, with the intention of giving a quick overview of Python package development, so we looked at some Python code, unit-testing code, package setup and how to do deployment. We refactored the email header extraction code into it’s own unit-testable function.

One of the guys watching in Twitch already starting cloning the repo and running the project while watching the stream, so I will probably work with him in the next few days to make more improvements to the code and make it useful for more people. One of the guys that was in the Google Meet runs a couple sites on Hugo, so maybe we can get the code to a point where it would work for his sites.

I had fun streaming. It was suggested to me that maybe YouTube Live is a better option. I have no real preference, whatever works. What I do care about is doing streams for this longer form of video where we figure stuff out live, interact with the chat, etc. And then use the experience of the streams as prep to make tighter standalone videos. For example, after the stream today I could make several shorter (10-20 min) videos showing various things that we looked at on the stream: demoing the post by email software, using unit-testing to refactor code, looking at the IMAP RFC, specifying some Python dependencies with and others with Tox, etc.

This stream has also already lead to ideas for other streams, like having someone new to Python screen share while setting up the package, or having someone new to Emacs get started with Emacs from scratch and start learning basic commands and setting up their environment. During these kinds of videos I will hangout and guide them while we watch their screen.