Internal PR Method Notes

January 4, 2022

Internal PR method for product development

  1. The Big Idea is ______________
  2. The most important benefit to the customer is ____________

Here’s an example outline for the press release:

Write press-releases in what I call “Oprah-speak” for mainstream consumer products. Imagine you’re sitting on Oprah’s couch and have just explained the product to her, and then you listen as she explains it to her audience. That’s “Oprah-speak”, not “Geek-speak”.

Rule 1: Must be stated at a future point in time where success has been achieved and realized. Press releases at “launch” are good, but a better one is sometime after launch, where true success can be discussed.

Rule 2: Discuss why it was important, often time to customers (or other key stakeholders). Discuss the accomplishments first in terms of why it is important to customers. How did the customer experience improve? Why do customer care? Then discuss other reasons why it was important and key goals.

Rule 3: Set an audacious and clear goal: Articulate a clear measurable results including financial, operating, market share

Rule 4: Outline the principles used that led to success. This is the trickiest, and more important. Outline the hard things accomplished, the important decisions, the design principles that led to success. Discuss the issues that had to be addressed to have success

The future press release is a type of forcing function

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