Blog v2 Intro

September 20, 2021

This is blog v2, although it’s at least my 4th blog that I can remember…

  1. On my first homepage
  2. Programming blog, “The Well-shorn Yak” on Blog Spot or whatever it was
  3. My first blog on MDashX
  4. This blog

The contents of 1 and 2 are unfortunately lost. The best thing I got out of those was when I wrote an article on how to modify the Flask source code to make it work with JSONP. If I were smarter I would’ve actually contributed the code to Flask, but anyway people were looking for the solution and my blog was the top search result on the topic back in the day (this was around 2011-2012). It was a small thing, but it was really nice when people thanked me for writing the article.

The contents of number 3 are mixed into the “notes” section of this site.

There is no point to this blog other than to be as bloggy as possible, with unchecked drivel, personal trivia and over-sharing, repetition of tired cliches, and most likely going dark for long-periods with no explanation.