Cultural Exchange

October 23, 2018

I enjoyed observing cultural exchange in Japan. I’m not sophisticated enough to recognize much cultural influence from China, but it was pretty easy for me to recognize the presence of hotdogs and Halloween. It seemed to me that Western influences are selectively adopted and everything in Tokyo was thoroughly Japanese, even with Italian shoes and Swiss watches everywhere.

I hardly saw anything related to European Christianity or paganism, so it doesn’t make sense at first why there’s Halloween decorations everywhere, but everything in Japan is spooky and they keep the Emperor’s spirit in a little building, so I guess Halloween makes perfect sense to Japanese people. That’s a cool type of cultural exchange: “yes we like ghosts, we’ll take some of that.”

Nearly everything in Tokyo was clean and organized, and everyone seemed intelligent and considerate. The handful of non-Japanese people I saw all appeared assimilated to Japanese culture. I felt like I was witnessing civilization at work.