Entrepreneurs Are Saints? Sell me Emacs!

August 12, 2018

I’m almost always grateful when entrepreneurs, businesses, and creative people make my life better in small ways. I’m grateful for the simple t-shirts I wear, the stainless steel straw that I drink out of, the watches I own, the software I work with (most of it), the tattoo ink in my skin, and so on. I feel genuine affection for Kikuo Ibe because I love my G-Shock. I don’t know who to feel affection for at Hanes, but I really appreciate their ComfortSoft t-shirts. If I start to pay attention, I’m overwhelmed that millions of entrepreneurs and workers are out there trying to make my life a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

I wish someone would start selling me Emacs, instead of making me use it for free!

Likewise, I’m humbled by and grateful for the opportunity to make life easier for others, even if it’s only in a small way. I sell my services to my employers, and on good days I remember that I’m lucky to be able to contribute to someone else’s business.

Soon, I’m going to offer a small, simple product that I think some businesses can really benefit from. I want to work on it with my full care, attention, and humility, and with joy for the person I’m connecting to through my efforts, the person who will use what I create and hopefully feel a small improvement in their day.

Sometimes my ego tells me I need to create spectacular, world-changing things that everyone will pay attention to, but in reality, I don’t really like most of the people that spend their time launching rockets or taking over the world. I like people who work hard and do a good job, without making too big of a deal out of it.

I’m grateful for the chance to make any small contribution to other people through my work, and I hope I can maintain that attitude more often, it seems like the right way to go for an entrepreneur.

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