Generating Idea Lists

June 13, 2019

I write lists of ideas on random topics as part of my typical daily journaling. The advice comes from a well-known blogger. It is some of the best advice I’ve ever followed.

Theorizing about it won’t help much, because what works is the actual practice of doing it, but a little bit of my experience: of course, I build a habit of creativity that makes me more effective and productive in work and my personal life, and of course, sometimes I come up with decent ideas that I actually implement later, but the real thing is the feeling in the moment of my brain shifting into a useful creative state. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with my brain and I try all kinds of things to fix it, and I forget the simple answer that I just need to let my brain work. Generating a quota of ideas on a topic is an accessible, low-pressure, no baggage, no commitment way to let my brain do it’s thing.

I keep picturing my dog running on the beach and she’s relaxed and happy because she’s in her element. Writing down ideas is something like that.

Tags: writing