In it to win it

August 28, 2018

Right now I work a day job at a startup. What I want from my job is to win.

I’m not interested in using this experience to get a similar job somewhere else making a little more money. I’m not interested in punching the clock and doing what I’m told from nine to five. I don’t want to marginally improve my work situation. I want to win.

When I make my first million dollars, I’m not going to care what my salary was at my day job. When I retire, I’m not going to reminisce about how I maneuvered and got ahead. This could be the last job I ever have. I want to look back with satisfaction at the time in my career when I showed up for my job in mind, body, and spirit. When I gave everything I could to the people working alongside me. When I contributed to a team and we made it happen.

I’ll always be able to get a job, but how many opportunities will I have to help a team win?

Tags: work