October 24, 2018

Translated by Bhikku Bodhi:

“I’ve enjoyed wealth, supported my dependents, and overcome adversities. I have given an uplifting offering and performed the five oblations. I have served the virtuous monks, the self-controlled celibate ones.

“I have achieved whatever purpose a wise person, dwelling at home, might have in desiring wealth; what I have done brings me no regret.”

Recollecting this, a mortal remains firm in the noble Dhamma. They praise him here in this life, and after death he rejoices in heaven.

Translated by Bhikku Sujato:

‘I’ve enjoyed my wealth, supporting those who depend on me; I’ve overcome losses; I’ve given uplifting offerings to teachers; and made the five spirit-offerings. I have looked after the ethical and restrained spiritual practitioners.

I’ve achieved the purpose for which an astute lay person wishes to gain wealth. I don’t regret what I’ve done.’

A mortal person who recollects this stands firm in the teaching of the noble ones. They’re praised in this life, and they depart to rejoice in heaven.

Tags: morality