Say hello

September 4, 2018

Reach out to people, you never know who might respond, you never know what kind of help you might receive.

I’m definitely interested in creating wealth, but I’m also very well aware that the realest wealth is in relationships and knowledge. I’ve observed beyond any doubt that there is no replacement for having people in your life that will take care of you and your life when you can’t do it yourself. Beyond the irreplaceable close friendships, there is value in every positive relationship, from casual acquaintances to strangers that you meet for the first time.

The greatest resource we have on Earth is the human mind, so every person I connect with brings into the relationship the potential for way more wealth than I could ever represent in numbers in a bank account or gold in a vault. And I’m not against material wealth at all, I am all for material wealth, I just know that the best thing I’m going to get from having more money is the opportunity to acquire more knowledge and build stronger relationships.

Slipping into more cynical territory… my long-term strategy for wealth preservation – based on the feeble knowledge and experience I have right now – is all about using my resources to know more people, to acquire localized knowledge that is difficult for most people to get, knowing things sooner, and knowing what influences are in play. I have no interest at all in any lifestyle that resembles what politicians do, but this is obviously an area where politicians and the people behind politicians are the experts. But I don’t need to climb any power structures, I just want enough knowledge and connections to keep myself and my family safe.