One weird trick to find out which of your relatives is a racist!

August 8, 2018

SWIM should launch a libertarian email newsletter that focuses on memes, drama, and horribly slanted reporting on current events. Maybe with a tiny sprinkling of links to quality sources for news and education. This is the newsletter I want. I can’t take politics, economics, history, or current events too seriously because trying to engage in a world run by ignorance, fear, and malevolence derails my life.

But I do want to be superficially aware of what’s going on (just in case something significant happens) and I do want to laugh at the world with like-minded people.

…a libertarian/conservative/anarchist/free-market friendly overview of the news with a smattering of links to more respectable sources and a larger helping of shit-talking and memes.

Tags: biz self-obsession