You Won't Believe What I'll Fantasize About Next!

August 10, 2018

Once in awhile I start daydreaming about spending all of my time programming for the 6502.

I’d rather master a constrained platform than use an enormously powerful system where I give up control and comprehension. Maybe computers have always sucked, but for my purposes, computers today are the worst. I guess the same thing is true with cars.

I don’t need all of the powerful stuff modern computers can do. I don’t need to play massively detailed 3D games, or sequence the human genome, or livestream salacious personal moments.

I just want to write code that does nothing useful in an intellectually and aesthetically satisfying way. Most of the code I write today already does nothing useful, but it does it in a bullshit mess of cloud services, browser APIs, and upstream libraries created by 14-year-old hackers on their iPads.

Until I find someone willing to pay me six-figures to program for Commodore 64 or NES, I’ll just have to deal with occasionally losing 2-3 days of my life fantasizing about an alternate world where I have no friends and build 6502 homebrew machines for fun (in between restoring classic cars and mastering dovetail joints in my all-hand-tools woodshop).