August 19, 2018

Instead of dreaming about taking a trip, you could be buying a ticket.

Instead of fantasizing about working for yourself, you could be writing a resignation letter to take with you to work tomorrow morning.

Instead of wishing you could meditate, you could be applying for a meditation retreat.

…this goal, idea, project, desire, plan — how can I turn it from a fuzzy, wishful dream into a situation where someone is spending their money or commiting their time?

It's beneficial by itself to put things into specific terms — to talk about specific examples, use cases, concerns or whatever applies — instead of expressing things with hypotheticals and generalizations.

But even if all you have is fuzzy stuff to work with, getting money involved or getting someone else's time involved takes care of things. It forces you to either get specific pretty quick, or to admit that you're just wasting time and money.


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