April 15, 2017

I reluctantly check HackerNews once or twice per day. I expect to see a pile of b.s. load along with the orange bar (in my more naive days I could change the color), but once in awhile something noteworthy happens and I find out about it on HN… it's a terrible system, but it's better than checking Twitter.

On the HN frontpage the other day is a link about tracking technical debt in codebases. I'm completely interested in code reading, refactoring, and everything related to making sense out of code, so I'm sold and I click the link. And I see an article about writing “TODO” comments in your code. WTF?

Someone's time is so worthless that they wrote a 500 word article about putting the word “TODO” in comments, and they added headings, formatting, screenshots, links, and stock photos. A bunch of people left comments, and the article got on the frontpage of HackerNews, where a hundred more people had a discussion about adding “TODO” items inside code comments…

I feel like the one guy left out of this insane circlejerk, ‘cause I can't even (except in binary). But I'm sure there must be more people like me: people too busy writing code, solving problems, and watching the X-Files to vomit inane nonsense all over the Internet. I have to believe there's a quiet majority of reasonable, intelligent programmers just minding their own business. I want to believe.


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