Selling Prime Numbers


I had a dream the other night that I sold prime numbers on the Internet. Not new prime numbers, just regular, already well-known prime numbers. But I had great copy and a great user experience, and I …

Entrepreneurs Are Saints? Sell me Emacs!


I’m almost always grateful when entrepreneurs, businesses, and creative people make my life better in small ways. I’m grateful for the simple t-shirts I wear, the stainless steel straw …

I'm mostly interested in business ideas that don't require me to work


Over the past two years or so, I’ve decided that I’m most interested in businesses that can be created with just a landing page and a manual process on the backend, and ideally with a …

One weird trick to find out which of your relatives is a racist!


SWIM should launch a libertarian email newsletter that focuses on memes, drama, and horribly slanted reporting on current events. Maybe with a tiny sprinkling of links to quality sources for news and …

REPL Design For Wireframes


A wireframe-only design service where clients fill out a detailed onboarding form and then receive a wireframe of their app idea for a fixed cost.

Clients can practice communicating their ideas …