Staring At The Wall


Staring at the wall is a good meditation practice.

Pick a spot on the wall, stand in front of it in a comfortable position, set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes, and then stand as still as possible, only …

Wise People


After realizing the truth, the Buddha didn’t seek out wayward and ignorant people to help, he looked for people who were already accomplished in morality and concentration and shared his …

No Self


You are not the physical sensations you experience. Sights, sounds, touch, tastes and scents all arise and pass away, and when observed accurately, are not the thing you call “me”. …

I ain't afraid of no ghosts


As a kid I was fascinated by ghosts, and also a little creeped out and scared. At some point in my life I took on a completely different attitude towards ghosts. I realized that I’m much more …

Five Hindrances


“Parasites Of The Mind”

A word I like for “dullness and drowsiness” is lassitude.

What to do? …

Llena con visión


A friend spoke with me recently about difficulty attaining access concentration. I am far from an accomplished meditator, but I asked him what he’s experiencing and did my best to relate my …

Pali terms for the eightfold path





Useless Talk


After giving Moggallana advice for combating drowsiness, the Buddha instructed him to avoid two kinds of behavior that lead to restlessness.

First, he should abstain from pride, because pride will …

Sariputta is better than me


Sariputta is a great example of: “yea, that guy is better than me.” I’m reading the book Great Disciples of the Buddha because it was recommended in Mastering the Core Teachings of …

Nonsense I might write about in the future


Stuff I’d like to write about:

Memorizing The Mahasatipatthana Sutta


The Mahasatipatthana Sutta, recited by Ananda at the First Buddhist council.

The four frames of reference (4): body, sensation, mind and mental qualities.

Observation of the body (6): breathing, …