Empathy vs Compassion


I’ve worried a lot about empathy, people striving for empathy as a virtue, people conflating empathy, sympathy and compassion, and people claiming empathy when it seemed they were actually …

Ellsworth Toohey


I love/hate Ellsworth Toohey because the first time I encountered the character, it brought to life so much about the world that is sick and sad that I didn’t have the words to articulate at the …



Translated by Bhikku Bodhi:

“I’ve enjoyed wealth, supported my dependents, and overcome adversities. I have given an uplifting offering and performed the five oblations. I have served the virtuous …

Householder Vinaya


SWIM should write about applying the Vinaya to householders – looking at the overarching concepts and tactics, and adapting the rules to householder life. Or looking at examples from the Vinaya for …

Buy my kids a brand new pair of shoes


I’m a householder, so it makes good sense for me to fulfill that role as best as I can, without any particular attachment to the responsibilities, luxuries, status, or suffering that come along …