Crossing The Finish Line


Last mile efforts only matter if you’re going in the right direction.

Lots Of Ideas


“Pick something and stick with it”.

I get seduced by this idea every so often, it seems like an obvious ingredient for next-level success. But I suspect it might be bullshit advice, the …

How to measure effort?


How to measure slack vs stretch? i.e. how to measure effort? All of the solutions that jump out at me are measurements by proxy, which aren’t perfect because the effort component is not …

More stuff I want to write about


Articles I want to write:

Cold Water Immersion


Tom immersed in freezer

I spent 3 and a half minutes immersed in 11.8 degree Celsius water. My friend was impressed that I did so well for my first time, but it seemed too easy to me. When I got out I felt like I could do …

Procrastination Is Not A Problem


Procrastination is not a problem. Procrastination is a great sign that either I don’t know what I’m doing, or I’m trying to do something dumb.

As soon as I see a clear path to work …

One weird trick to find out which of your relatives is a racist!


SWIM should launch a libertarian email newsletter that focuses on memes, drama, and horribly slanted reporting on current events. Maybe with a tiny sprinkling of links to quality sources for news and …