Generating Idea Lists


I write lists of ideas on random topics as part of my typical daily journaling. The advice comes from a well-known blogger. It is some of the best advice I’ve ever followed.

Theorizing about it …

Japan Memoir


I’m hoping to write a short memoir soon documenting the trip Joan and I took to Japan. We have photos and I wrote messages on a few post cards and I have a few journal entries, but if I want to …

Career Path


My intended career path is to make enough money as an entrepreneur to retire from working as a programmer, and then to really make money as an entrepreneur, so I can retire from business and work as …

How to journal: Lists


For …

How to journal: Freewriting


“Freewriting” for journaling: maintain concentration on the pen moving on the paper, try not to know what word is coming next, keep writing whatever words come out until the words exhaust …

I'll see your hipster nonsense and raise you a pretentious anachronism.


I’m going to experiment with hiring an assistant to write up my handwritten notes, so I can do more of my work with just a pen and a notebook. Although I am a decent typist and very happy in …

More stuff I want to write about


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